A couple of thoughts on the impact of internet on our life at present and in the foreseeable future

A couple of thoughts on the impact of internet on our life at present and in the foreseeable future

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We might not think about it, but an invention like the internet has brought about extraordinary improvements to the quality of life for people everywhere, even simply in the last handful of decades.

If one were to inquire how has the internet changed the world positively, its role as an accessible source of information would certainly be one of the first few reasons to be mentioned as a response. We possibly do not realise how much of an advancement this has been, as the vast majority of us has the prospect to look up and find out information in mere seconds just with a couple of clicks. Other than being remarkably convenient for the little questions of everyday life, such as the arrival time of the next bus, this is one of the most essential positive effects of internet in our daily lifestyle, as it enables knowledge to be accessed by everyone who has an internet connection, therefore letting individuals educate themselves on the subjects they are much more interested on, even if they cannot do it formally. As Telecom Italia’s activist shareholder would realise, the widespread accessibility of the web is surely a way to develop society through knowledge.

Considering how much development has taken location in recent years regarding the web and its uses, it might be surprising to think of how much room there is for improvement and further breakthroughs. While just thirty years one might have been asking what is internet and what are the uses of the internet, it is now a prevalent presence in the majority of our everyday lives. As research develops, concepts such as the Internet of Things are very close to becoming a widespread reality, which will give us a complete other level of control over several aspects of our daily lives, like the maintenance of our home. Corporations like Ring Inc’s parent company will be well aware of how has the internet altered our everyday lives, and small innovations that improve small things such as a doorbell or a refrigerator will soon come together to create the principle of a wise home.

When you need instances to describe the impact of the internet on our life, an easy one to start thinking about is the extraordinary growth of phenomena such as online retail. In the last ten years or just so, most major chains across all retail industries have created online platforms for people to retrieve their products and provider at all hours, without needing to go to a tangible store. This has made acquiring items exceptionally much more practical, and the exponential rise of this brand-new platform has certainly influenced many people’s consumer conduct. Figures like ASOS’s investment shareholder are an example of the potential that these brand new platforms hold for the future, and this phenomenon is definitely likely to stay.

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